Ever feel like your TOO connected?

May 7, 2016

Yeah... just plain ol' TOO connected...

There's no doubt about it; we live in a connected world. Everywhere you go or look, you see virtually everyone buried in their cell phones, texting people (who sometimes are sitting right across from them), checking Facebook, posting what they're eating to Instagram...

Ever get the feeling that we're becoming way, way too distracted?

I have to wonder that myself; while I'm no where near as invested in the always online craze as folks who are younger than me, I've come to realize that I feel tethered to this damn phone. Used to be I made sure I had my wallet; now I'm always checking for the phone.

So... I'm making it a point to disconnected more during the day. I still have my computer and laptop, but those require an effort for me to sit down and make time to use them, like I used to in the good ol' days before these damn phones replaced everything.

So, if you try to text and I don't respond, don't worry - I'll get back to you, it may just be later that evening or when I'm making time to do just that. And taking back time to get back to some of the simpler things in life.